March 26, 2023


Kate Middleton requests employers to help parents raising young children

Kate Middleton have special request for employers

By Ellen James March 26, 2023

Kate Middleton requests employers to help parents raising young children

Kate Middleton is pleading with businesses to help carers and families with small children.

The Princess of Wales recently wrote an opinion piece for the Financial Times in which she emphasized how crucial the first five years of a child's life are for their development and the need for support for both parents and kids to create a positive environment in which they may flourish.

"You hear time and time again that these soft skills, you know the creativity, the collaboration, sort of the critical thinking, the flexibility, the resilience… You know, these are the things that you'd hear businesses are looking for," Kate said in a video posted to social media in which she spoke with Richard Walker, executive chairman of Iceland. "And it's really interesting seeing how actually, so often, the foundations for those skills are built in the earliest years of our lives."

To find a way to "prioritize early childhood," Kate said she established a Business Taskforce for Early Childhood earlier this week.

She said that 76 percent of moms and 92 percent of fathers in the U.K. workforce struggle to "balance a successful working life with a nurturing home life," and that in order to achieve this, work environments must encourage parental well-being in the workplace.

In the next months, Kate stated, her task force will look for possibilities to enhance this "social" side of workplaces and plan a strategy for carrying this out across numerous organisations.

"We all have a role to play in building a supportive and nurturing world around children and those who care for them, and it is fantastic to see business leaders placing the subject of early childhood at the heart of their organizations," said Amanda Berry, chief executive of The Royal Foundation of The Prince and Princess of Wales in a press release.