Christine Taylor’s Husband Ben Stiller Gifted ‘Hey Dude’ DVDs as Birthday gift

By Jean Valjean January 25, 2023

Christine Taylor has a great husband.

Christine Taylor struggled to find episodes of her favourite Nickelodeon show, Hey Dude, before streaming, but her husband Ben Stiller came to the rescue.

“There was a period of time where I was trying to get a hold of the episodes because my dad had recorded them on VHS. So that puts it all in perspective. My dad had a catalogue, and I was like, ‘Not only is that going to be horrible quality, I don't want to spend any time transferring those to CDs.’ We were trying to get them all and Nickelodeon was owned by Paramount, and I'd just done the Brady Bunch movie. So we went to Paramount. We're like, 'Do you have a catalog of this show?'" she told Us Weekly.

"And Ben as a birthday gift for me, got all of the DVDs and put it in, like, a binder. It's like an embossed logo of a leather binder. ... This must have been, like, 2000."

They got their children together to watch a few episodes, but they stopped before the credits.

"I was so excited to pop in an episode and show my kids. Ten minutes in, they were literally, like, looking around like, 'How much longer are you gonna make us watch this?' Because it's quiet and slow. It's not great editing or music every second," she recalled.

"It was not something they decided to go in to see all 65 episodes. I think they got their 10 minutes of episode one!"

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