Jeff Bezos to buy American football team in exchange for Washington Post?

By Madison Raymond January 24, 2023
Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post newspaper in 2013 

Jeff Bezos is reportedly looking at buying the Washington football team.

As per reports, the 59-year-old entrepreneur is bidding to buy Washington Commanders from its owner Dan Snyder.

Sources claimed that Bezos will likely sell The Washington Post to secure the deal.

However, a spokesperson for Bezos as well as for the journal has refuted such claims, explaining that it is not for sale.

In 2013, the Amazon founder bought The Washington Post for USD 250 million.

New York Post reported that Bezos is 'looking to clear the way' to get the Commanders.

However, Snyder is not willing to give up the three-time Super Bowl winner to the billionaire.

Snyder’s repulsion seemingly stems from his disapproval of the journal for posting an expose of the team, which shed light on the toxic management culture at the Commanders.

Team owners, including Snyder, were accused of enabling sexual harassment at the time.  

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