Amouranth tells all about un-offered contracts from Twitch, YouTube

By Melanie Aiden November 25, 2022

Amouranth tells all about un-offered contracts from Twitch, YouTube

Amouranth has millions of followers across YouTube, Instagram, OnlyFans, and other platforms, making her one of the most-watched streamers on Twitch and one of the biggest female content providers overall.

She established herself as the leading female streamer in 2022, garnering more views than Pokimane and Valkyrae combined. Even while her fellow streamers take home the bag, she hasn't received a contract despite these triumphs.

Amouranth stated in an interview with FullSquadGaming that she has been offered contracts for websites that compete with OnlyFans but has not yet received anything from Twitch or YouTube.

"I think it’s a mixture of being a little not brand-friendly," she theorized. 

"YouTube also seems to be catering towards streamers that are hosting big events and stuff. I’ve only dabbled in that with Streamer Royale earlier this year."

The popular Wipeout-style competition Streamer Royale included many of Twitch's best streamers competing in a series of games.

Amouranth has hinted at forthcoming events, but she hasn't yet moved forward with any new glasses, which, in her opinion, has prevented her from receiving an offer.

"I’m not quite there yet I think, for what they’re looking for," she explained. "But who knows what will happen in the future."