Hayley Williams reveals Paramore's 'plan' for UK return after 4 years

By Melanie Aiden September 29, 2022
Paramore are in the works of planning their return

Hayley Williams has revealed Paramore’s return to the UK and said that they "already have the plan" in place.

Announcing their sixth album This Is Way, the trio is ready to take on the road to play their first live show in over four years.

When speaking to BBC Radio 1, the frontwoman was egged over the band’s return to which she replied, "Oh, it won't be long".

"We talked about the UK more than we’ve ever talked about it while making this record. We were like really digging up our oldest influences that are from across the pond.

"And we were like… every time I would imagine or envision playing a show it was, you know, some festival in the UK or some crowd that we played for in Manchester or something.

"We just have such a cool relationship with our fans around the world, but there is something really special about the UK, and the lineage of bands that are from there. I can’t wait – it won’t be long.

"We already have the plan, and I cannot wait for people to find out who we’re playing with and what we’re gonna go. I’m just so excited to get back over there. You can’t believe it, how excited I am."