Charli D'Amelio's secret TikTok page no longer accessible; Here's what happened

By Jean Valjean May 14, 2022
Charli D'Amelio's spam TikTok page no longer available 

Social media star Charli D'Amelio spilled details as to why fans can no longer get into her spam TikTok page.

The 18-year old Charli, who often posts on her main account, for a period of time had a secret TikTok profile named user4350486101671.

Despite not promoting the page, she managed to amass around millions of followers on it and shared bits of diverse content.

Some time later, what caught the attention was that her account suddenly disappeared, leaving many in thoughts as to what exactly happened.

On May 12, the famed sensation as part of a TikTok Q&A was asked, "Would you ever make a new spam [account] again?"

She responded, "Yeah, so I actually don’t know what happened to my spam. I just got logged out one day and I could never get back in. I miss it sometimes, but I don’t really know what happened."

"I think it’s gone forever though, which is kind of sad. Miss it. Love you, spam. Bye," she concluded. 

With her flourishing TikTok career, Charli has also landed a movie deal having been casted in the thriller Home School.