February 17, 2024


Song Hye-Kyo gives sneak peek from ‘Dark Nuns’ script reading session

It was confirmed earlier that Song Hye-Kyo is set to star in 'The Priests' spin-off 'Dark Nuns'

By Javeria Shahid February 17, 2024
Song Hye-Kyo geared up to commemce filming of Dark Nuns
Song Hye-Kyo geared up to commemce filming of 'Dark Nuns' 

Song Hye-Kyo sparked anticipation as she gave a glimpse from her script reading session for the Dark Nuns with co-star Jeon Yeo Bin.

On Friday, the Descendent of the Sun star took to social media to share the behind-the-scenes from The Priests sequel’s meeting.

The South Korean actress posted a picture on her official Instagram account, featuring two name tags that read "Dark Nuns Yunia - Song Hye-Kyo", and on the other tag, along with the project name was written, "Michaela - Jeon Yeo Bin."

Hye-Kyo, 42, also tagged the Vincenzo main lead actress, who was seated on the opposite side of the table and flipping through the script's pages.

Song Hye-Kyo posted a snapshot from Dark Nuns script reading session
Song Hye-Kyo posted a snapshot from 'Dark Nuns' script reading session

This sneak peek from the actress came after it was confirmed one day ago that Hye-Kyo had been tapped to appear in the Dark Nuns, a sequel to supernatural thriller Korean film The Priests.

Soompi reported on February 16 that the actress, who played the character of Moon Dong-Eun in The Glory, will star in the spin-off along with the likes of Lee Jin-Wook and Huh Joon-Ho in addition to Yeo-Bin.

The plot of the forthcoming movie unfolds as a young boy, played by Moon Woo Jin, gets possessed by an evil spirit. Hye-Kyo, who will play sister Junia, performs exorcism and remains dedicated to saving the boy.

Meanwhile, the After My Death actress will showcase her acting chops in Sister Michaela’s role, who will help Junia in the arduous situation.

The filming will begin on February 22, guided by Director Kwon Hyeok-Jae.