February 15, 2024


Marvel unveils ‘The Fantastic Four’ new cast

Marvel announced the new dates of 'The Fantastic Four' release

By Javeria Shahid February 15, 2024
Storyline of The Fantastic Four is kept under wraps
Storyline of 'The Fantastic Four' is kept under wraps 

Marvel Studios has made an exciting announcement with the revelation of the cast of The Fantastic Four.

Pedro Pascal is set to portray Reed Richards – Mr. Fantastic, the iconic character crafted by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby for Marvel Comics.

In it Vanessa Kirby takes on the role of Invisible Woman, originally embodied by Sue Storm, while Joseph Quinn is seen stepping into the shoes of the Human Torch, first portrayed by Johnny Storm.

Eban Moss-Bachrach secures the role of Ben Grimm’s The Thing in this superhero quartet adventure helmed by Marvel Studios.

Although news of Pascal’s casting surfaced in November, Marvel has kept the details of the first family, tightly under wraps.

Nevertheless, as per the original comics, The Fantastic Four are astronauts who turned into superheroes after they were exposed to cosmic rays in space.

For those unvesed, Reed gains the ability to stretch his body, while his girlfriend, Sue, can manipulate light to become invisible and cast powerful force fields.

Johnny, Sue’s brother, can turn his body into fire which gives him the ability to fly as well. Whereas Ben, Reed’s best friend, is totally transformed into a giant monstrous thing with orange boulders as the body.

The film, slated to commence filming in the summer, will be directed by Matt Shakman, bringing the screenplay by Josh Friedman, Ian Springer, and Jeff Kaplan to life.

In addition to the casting revelation, Disney has changed the release dates of The Fantastic Four to July 25, 2025, and Thunderbolts to May 2, 2025.

These two films are set to join the ranks of four Marvel blockbusters that will hit screens in 2025, including Captain America: Brave New World in February and Blade in November.