February 03, 2024


Emma Stone moved to tears during ‘Poor Things’ Q&A session

Emma Stone became emotional as an autistic fan shared his 'lonely' school life at Poor Things premiere

By Javeria Shahid February 03, 2024

File Footage 

Emma Stone let out a flood of tears during the interactive Q&A segment for her latest movie, Poor Things, in London.

The Cruella actress was moved to tears after an autistic fan told her about his "lonely" school life, revealing her old Saturday Night Live gigs got him through school.

Tears started to drip down La La Land star's cheeks as the fan began to pour his heart out, "Growing up as one of the very few autistic kids in school, I felt lonely and unable to make friends. During recess, I would sneak inside a computer room to watch your old SNL sketches."

"You mentioned on a few occasions that you felt insecure when you didn't graduate high school and didn't go to college, but I enjoyed the comfort and the safety that you brought me during those years," he admitted.

The Amazing Spider-Man actress then rushed off the stage and locked the fan in a tight warm embrace.

She privately told him, "That was so cute" as they shared another heartfelt hug.

The fan also raved about her acting chops in Poor Things, for which Stone netted two Golden Globe Awards, "I have been watching your career for the last 12 years. I love Poor Things. I have watched it six times."

"You always bring electricity to the screen in every single one of your performances and everything you create is always pure and honest," he gushed over the actress’s on-screen presence.

The emotional burst out comes after the screening of the film at London Curzon’s Soho in which Stone portrayed Bella Baxter, a Frankenstein-style woman brought back to life by scientist Dr Godwin Baxter.