January 26, 2024


'John Wick' star Keanu Reeves leaves fans worried after limping with crutches

Keanu Reeves was spotted on the set of his upcoming movie walking with crutches and an ice pack

By Javeria Shahid January 26, 2024
Keanu Reeves is starring in new comedy film Good Fortune directed by Aziz Ansari
Keanu Reeves is starring in new comedy film 'Good Fortune' directed by Aziz Ansari

Keanu Reeves was spotted on the set of his latest movie, Good Fortune, using crutches and an ice pack tied to his knee.

People reported on Thursday that the John Wick star was seen limping during a break from filming alongside his co-star Seth Rogen.

However, it remained vague whether the injury was real or just a part of the script – despite the break he may have chosen to be in his character.

Neither representatives of the 59-year-old actor nor Lionsgate, the studio behind the film, responded to the outlet's inquiries.

In the captured shot, Reeves was seen sporting a beige trench coat over a white button-down shirt paired with gray trousers and a green tie.

Meanwhile, Rogen, 41, appeared to be unfazed by his co-star's movement, completely indulged in his phone.

The upcoming film, whose premise has been kept under wraps, is directed by Aziz Ansari, who also stars in it alongside Keke Palmer and Rogen.

In a statement to Deadline, the Lionsgate Motion Picture Group Chair Joe Drake raved about the comedy movie, which was announced in April 2023.

"We have indeed found good fortune with this film," he began.

"We love the script and believe strongly in Aziz as both a performer and a director. And when you add in Seth and Keanu – two incredible world-class talents — toplining alongside Aziz, this has the potential to be a very special film for us," continued Drake. 

"We moved quickly to land this project once it was available."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, shortly after the announcement, the production was suspended in May due to the writer’s strike.