December 19, 2023


Is Macaulay Culkin's 'Home Alone 3' coming in 2024?

Trailer of 'Home Alone 3' revealed the return of Wet Bandits ready to avenge Kevin played by Macaulay Culkin

By Javeria Shahid December 19, 2023

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Home Alone aficionados have been buzzing with excitement over a recent trailer featuring Macaulay Culkin, sparking hopes for Home Alone 3.

However, the trailer turned out to be a cleverly crafted fake one, courtesy of a dedicated fan and youtuber who goes by the name @VJ4rawr2.

The fan-made mock up trailer took the fans into an imaginary world of Home Alone: Kevin’s Revenge, set in 2024 and picking up where Home Alone 2 left off.

For the long yearning third installment, the fan curated a storyline in which the notorious burglars, Harry and Marv, played by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern, are released from prison, ready to wreak a havoc once again.

The youtuber meticulously compiled scenes from various TV shows and films, masterly swapped heads, changed backgrounds and even hired professional voice over artists, as per LadBibble, to bring Home Alone 3, featuring grown up Macaulay Culkin, to life.

Wet Bandits makes a notorious comeback in the fan-made trailer
Wet Bandits makes a notorious comeback in the fan-made trailer

Though the trailer is fake, the visuals are so convincing and entertaining, giving a glimpse of what a sequel with the original cast would look like.

The trailer unfolded as the clumsy criminals were released from the prison after over three decades following their toy store heist.

In a clever move, they make the McCallisters aware of their comeback by sending a Christmas card to none other than Kevin McCallister, along with a snapshot of the duo and a text that read, "Merry Christmas little buddy".

The background voiceover then began, "This holiday season, it's time to rediscover a classic. Kevin Mcallister is back - except this family is a little weird around Christmas".

Following some convincing scenes, Kevin then said, "This time it's not just me home alone. I need to defend this house for my family".

After the trailer went viral, fans rallied to comment section of the youtube video and expressed their excitement.

One individual noted, "I don’t care if this is only a parody, I totally could see this being an actual movie."

Another fan gushed over the trailer, "Whoever did this parody is a genius, this would’ve been incredible if this ever happen".

A third fan raved, "I haven’t gone to the cinema in a long time, but if they make this parody into a real movie, I’ll grab my money and go to the cinema in an instant. I swear".

"They definitely should make this movie, it would be great and probably break the box office," a fourth declared.

Another shared, "Everything about it looks awesome. My kids about lost it they were so excited until they realised it wasn't real".