Azealia Banks lashes out at Troye Sivan after he praised ‘212’

Azealia Banks even called Troye Sivan a 'pedophilia' in her aggresive reaction to his kind compliment

By Javeria Shahid November 09, 2023

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Troye Sivan got a 'big big beating' online from Azealia Banks.

To celebrate the Australian singer's latest album, Something To Give Each Other, Spotify played a game of In The Spotlight with Troye.

In a recent clip posted on the official TikTok account of Spotify, the Rush vocalist was asked about his “go-to pregame banger," to which he replied that it is the classic song 212 by Banks, 32.

While it seemed that Sivan was complementing the song, who would have thought that it would end up being an unlucky strike.

The Fierce singer did not take the shout out kindly, rather she lashed out at him via Instagram Stories, saying, “This is these white kids’ weird way of apologizing for bandwagoning, Having no clue of the kind of shit happening to me behind the scenes in the industry.”

Azealia Banks lashes out at Troye Sivan after he praised ‘212’

She said she is not impressed by anyone “not having the audacity to be as public and loud with their apology as they were with using their platform to cast judgment."

Over the course, Chasing Time crooner’s controversial disputes with other artists have attracted significant spotlight on her.

She continued, “I would REALLY appreciate all of these [expletive] civilian [expletive] to stop mentioning me, stop dancing to my s*** in the club if you’re not going to treat me like a human and take back all the unfounded b******* you all used ur platforms to perpetuate.”

Banks went for the jugular at Angel Baby hitmaker, “And you're a late condescending expired Twink anyway [expletive]. We’ve been past 212”

“Trying ur hardest to old on to the [expletive] weak ass pedophilia x incest aesthetic - perpetuating that underlying double standard that somehow pedophilia practiced amongst men is somehow okay… that fueled ur trash ass music in the first place, “ she penned down in another follow up story.

Azealia Banks lashes out at Troye Sivan after he praised ‘212’

“Give it up, puberty hit that ass and made u a doofy looking young man,” the 212 hitmaker concluded, “I bet he’ll pull the grift ‘come out’ as trans next” and come out as trans next."

Earlier she apologized for using the expletive word and vowed to not use it again but ended up getting suspended from Twitter after a transphobic rant in 2020, before rejoining in April 2022.