Peter Andre 'was an Idiot' in previous relationships, teaches son values

Peter Andre opens up about personal growth and parenting lessons

By Jean Valjean August 05, 2023
Peter Andre reflects on past mistake, shares valuable insights.
Peter Andre reflects on past mistake, shares valuable insights.

Peter Andre recently gave an interview on Friday, reflecting on his past relationships and how fatherhood has profoundly impacted his outlook on life. 

The 50-year-old musician spoke about the valuable lessons he has learned and the advice he has shared with his eldest child, Junior, who is now 18, about being respectful in relationships.

In the interview with The Mirror, Peter Andre expressed pride in the positive changes he has experienced since becoming a father. 

He emphasized the importance of demonstrating personal growth and evolving as one gets older. 

The television personality admitted to having had a different mindset in the past, recalling instances where he would tell his children that "pink is for women" and "boys kiss girls."

However, Andre revealed that his perspective has shifted over the years, recognizing the significance of accepting open-mindedness and breaking away from traditional gender stereotypes. 

As a father, he strives to instill values of respect and understanding in his children, creating a supportive environment that fosters growth and acceptance.

Peter Andre is a father to four children - son Theo, aged six, and daughter Amelia, aged nine, with his wife Emily, and also shares Junior and Princess, aged 16, with his ex-partner, Katie Price.

The singer's reflections on his past and commitment to guiding his children towards a more inclusive and respectful mindset have resonated with many, inspiring discussions about personal growth and the evolving roles of parents in shaping the perspectives of the next generation.