August 03, 2023

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'Devastated' Sarah Snook didn't want Succession to end with Season 4

Sarah Snook gave birth to her first child during the filming of Succession's final season

By Betty Cruise August 03, 2023
Sarah Snook played Shiv in Succession
Sarah Snook played Shiv in Succession 

Sarah Snook wasn’t ready to let go.

The 35-year-old actress spoke to Variety about the ending of the hit drama series Succession with Season 4, revealing that she wanted the show to go on.

Snook shared that she was made aware there would not be a fifth season at the “last read-through” as did everyone else.

“It was devastating,” the mom of one confessed. “I didn’t get a chance to finish the script before I got to the read-through.”

“I was quickly devouring it in the car on the way there. And then by the time I finished, I just arrived and was like, ‘That’s it. It’s done,’” the actress continued.

Despite its grievances with the show’s unanticipated ending, the Golden Globe winner heralded its overall theme, expressing, “I am so proud of how it finished up, and just in awe that Jesse[Armstrong] had the guts as well to pull the pin on something that was so successful.”

“And it’s such a bold move, and it’s really paid off. But I think the joy that we all experienced shooting the show, both in the challenges and in the good times, meant that I happily would have done a fifth season,” Snook shared.

After the last episode of Succession aired on May 28, the actress took to Instagram to pen a heartfelt note in a bid to say goodbye to the show, as well as showing a glimpse of her newborn son.

“It’s hard to express what this show has meant to me,” she wrote on social media at the time. “The places I got to go, the immense talent I got to work with…it breaks my heart that it is all over.”

“…. I’m going to miss it all. The people of this show are a talented bunch, and I’m proud to have worked alongside them, it’s the people I will miss most of all.”