TikToker Rikki Valentina claims Ariana Grande "Stole" her ex-boyfriend

Rikki Valentina accuses Ariana Grande of involvement with her ex in 2010

Rikki Valentina opens up about past relationship woes.
Rikki Valentina opens up about past relationship woes.

Musician Rikki Valentina recently took to TikTok to make surprising allegations involving pop star Ariana Grande. 

In the video, posted today, Rikki claims that back in 2010, during a break with her then-boyfriend Graham Phillips, Ariana allegedly "stole" him. 

Rikki revealed that the person in question was an older actor who appeared on an episode of the show Victorious, and many people in the comments are speculating that it might be Christian Fortune.

"I've been waiting to share this tea, " she captioned the post. In a follow-up video, she admits that she's unsure if Ariana's actions were genuine or simply an attempt to impress the actor. 

The tiktoker also shared her personal experience, stating that she was home-schooled for a period and that the homecoming with the actor was her first time attending such an event. 

However, she was taken aback when he broke up with her during the homecoming, citing that he felt he was holding her back.

Continuing her TikTok revelations in part 2, Valentina shared a distressing account of her past relationship with the actor who allegedly got involved with Side 2 Side singer behind her back. 

Rikki confessed that she became suspicious of their interactions and decided to investigate further by accessing her ex-boyfriend's Facebook account, for which she had the passwords.

To her shock, she discovered numerous messages between Ariana and her then-boyfriend, indicating that they were secretly dating and meeting up while she was still with him. 

The alleged secret rendezvous extended to the set of Victorious dressing room encounters leaving smiley faces as a telltale sign of their connection.

At the time, Rikki considered Ariana a friend and reached out to her, bravely confronting her about the alleged affair. 

She asserted that she provided all the necessary evidence to prove her claims, only to be met with a block from Ariana when she tried to inform her about the alleged affair. Her boyfriend eventually found out that she was using his id and "kicked" her out.

The musician later disclosed that both she and her ex-boyfriend had matching Facebook profile pictures.

Valentina thanked Ariana that she inadvertently helped her discover the truth about her partner's deceitful behaviour. Later revealed she eventually married her best friend.