June 27, 2023


Kylie Jenner changes 16-month baby name legally

Kylie Jenner mentioned that before naming her son she just wanted to be completely sure

By Betty Cruise June 27, 2023
Kylie Jenner changes 16-month baby name legally

Kylie Jenner changes 16-month baby name legally

Introducing little Aire Webster in public! Although Kylie Jenner revealed in January that she and her ex Travis Scott had changed the name of their 1-year-old kid from Wolf Jacques Webster to Aire, the change was only made formally this month.

The 25-year-old beauty tycoon filed paperwork on June 22 to legally change the name of her 16-month-old baby, according to People magazine.

On February 2, 2022, Kylie and Travis welcomed their son. Stormi Webster, the 5-year-old daughter, is also a child of theirs.

In an earlier explanation of her choice to name Aire "Wolf," Kylie said that she had experienced considerable pressure from hospital staff to choose a name. She also said that her sister, Khloe Kardashian, had offered the name Wolf Webster, and she had liked the alliteration. She finally changed the name to Aire because she later felt that it didn't fit her son.

When asked about the name ambiguity in 2022, Kylie told ET, "Before I officially change it, I just want to be sure."

In February, Kylie honoured her son on his first birthday on social media, writing, "AIRE. my son, my moon, my stars. best year of my life with you. you complete us my angel. mommy loves you. happy 1st birthday. may God always bless you."