May 26, 2023


Oprah Winfrey Wore ‘Tina Turner-Inspired’ WIG all the time

Oprah Winfrey has been die-hard fan of late Rock n Roll queen Tina Turner

By Ellen James May 26, 2023
Oprah Winfrey Wore ‘Tina Turner-Inspired’ WIG all the time
Oprah Winfrey Wore ‘Tina Turner-Inspired’ WIG all the time

Oprah Winfrey loves Tina Turner.

Tina Turner served as an inspiration to Oprah Winfrey in many facets of her life, including her hairdos.

Before becoming good friends with the late Queen of Rock 'n Roll (who passed away on Wednesday at the age of 83), the talk show host, 69, was a fervent fan of her music.

The media mogul claimed that she was inspired by Turner's performances of the same name when she developed her own Wildest Dreams nationwide tour in a 2011 interview with OWN. 

Oprah Winfrey went around the country for Tina Turner

She said, “We went around the country following Tina Turner mainly so that we could go to Tina concerts every night in different cities.” It was referred to as the "ultimate groupie" tale. However, it didn't end there.

Winfrey also wore a wig that resembled the famous celebrity's hairstyle. “I had a wig made so that I could be a part and close to Tina in wigdom,” she fessed up.

Winfrey and the hairpiece were always together. “I wouldn’t take the wig off. I did it for the show, I did it for the next show, I think we did five or six shows around the country," she continued.

Winfrey added that she "started wearing it at all times" and that she "started wearing it on the weekends and to bed."

That is, until Stedman Graham, her lifelong partner, gave her a little reality check.

Winfrey recounted Graham telling her, “I don’t know when somebody’s gonna tell you that you are not Tina Turner,” and referring to her infatuation with wigs as a "problem."

“I think you think you’re Tina Turner and you should really be happy being Oprah Winfrey,” he said, per her retelling.

Winfrey parted farewell to her collection at that time, but she hasn't lost her love for wigs.

“Truth of the matter is I still like my Tina wig. If I had right now I’d put it on. I don’t feel like it was such a terrible thing. Could I have a little happiness here,” she said in her just.