BTS’ RM addresses marriage speculation

By Ellen James June 24, 2022
BTS's RM in talks amid increasing marriage rumors

Big Hit Music officially denied all marriage rumors involving BTS’s RM.

Earlier, rumors about RM's marriage became a hot topic on an online website.

An anonymous netizen 'Z' claimed, "I recently received word from a good friend and hoobae of mine, who is 7-years younger than me, that she is marrying RM [BTS member]. She graduated from a prestigious school and her family is also well off. I believe she met RM at a fan meeting between 2014~2015."

"Z" also revealed texts she exchanged with her junior colleague who said, "I can’t tell you the exact date, but he’s a celebrity. It’s still a sensitive time, so just keep it to yourself. [The groom-to-be] is the leader of BTS."

YouTube channel Sojang also reported that RM is preparing for marriage. 

The channel commented, "When asked when he wants to get married, he said at the age 32 or 33. He’s currently 29 years old, so that means he wants to get married soon."

In response to the rumors, a representative of Big Hit Music and RM himself denied the rumors commented, "The rumors are not true."