Jennifer Aniston’s eagle-eyed fans think there may be a mystery person living with her

Hollywood A-lister Jennifer Aniston has been relishing in fame with her massive fan base clinging on to her every move.

Hawkeyed devotees recently observed that the Friends star, 51, might be isolating in her lavish LA home with a mystery person.

In her recent appearance with Lisa Kudrow on Variety’s Actors on Actors, her crazed fans saw her sneer at someone in the room, leading many into believing that she may be in quarantine with another fellow.

One user pointed out, saying: “Can someone tell me if someone’s quarantining with Jen? Look at 0.37 and 1.14.”

However, to the dismay of many, some pointed out that she could have been beaming at her assistant or even her dog.

“There’s probably an assistant, a lighting person, a tech person for setting up Zoom, a makeup artist etc,” one fan clarified.

“Maybe her dogs or her assistant,” added another.
The Murder Mystery actor is believed to be isolating alone in her LA residence with her pet dogs.

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