Kaitlin Lynge's new video leaks details of her adult web account?

By George Johnson

October 18, 2020

TikTok star Kaitlin Lynge on Saturday caused frenzy on the video-sharing platform after she hinted to be on a famous adult website.

It all started when a follower asked the TikTok star on her recent video if she was on the adult website with a cryptic name "hub".

Responding to the follower's question, Kaitlin after a quick eye-roll, winked in a nod of approval leaving her followers in shock.

In a follow up video, Kaitlin further spiced up things when she gave more signs of being on the adult-web.

The video of Kaitlin Lynge, who has more than 112k followers on the video-sharing app, is going viral on the internet.