January 06, 2024


Meghan Markle lands in hot water for comparing herself to Sara Ferguson

Meghan Markle is the 'most difficult woman to satisfy,' says a royal expert

By Javeria Shahid January 06, 2024

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Meghan Markle has once again found herself under scrutiny after the news of her and Sarah Ferguson's comparison made waves in the media.

A royal expert previously put forward that Markle, 42, thinks Ferguson is getting special treatment as she can say whatever she wants on TV, while on the contrary, when the former actress does the same, it does not settle well with the Royals.

Over this outpour of ideas, royal expert Angela Levin lashed out at Prince Harry’s wife and dished her move as a publicity stunt.

Levin told Sky News Australia, "Frankly, Meghan is the most difficult woman to satisfy," noting, "She’s got a load of millions, she wants billions – she’s one of those people."

She went on to differentiate Duchess of York’s move from the Suits alum, saying they both have stark differences; Ferguson, 64, was divorced from Prince Andrew before she began her TV appearance, while, Markle is still married into the Royal family.

"We have to remember, she’s blaming Fergie, who was married to Prince Andrew, but the whole point of it was, she wasn’t married to him any longer. In 1996, they divorced," Levin added.

The royal expert also disclosed that the late Queen Elizabeth II told Meghan that she would be very happy if she wanted to continue acting, but the Duchess of Susexx apparently replied, "'I absolutely don’t. I want to give my whole self to the Royal Family.'"

Levin pointed this as a "rather large error on her part," noting that if she wanted to do it later she should have communicated to the Queen rather than complaining about it.

She dubbed Meghan's moans and groans as "just another" publicity move to get people’s attention as "she does like to be a victim."