December 22, 2023


Kim Kardashian turns her place into a chocolate factory with Elf decor

Kim Kardashian recently mades waves over the social media with her hallway flocked with christmas trees decor

By Javeria Shahid December 22, 2023

File footage

Kim Kardashian went all "Wonka" for this year's Christmas, but with a slight variation.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory had a lake of chocolate whereas the 43-year-old TV personality filled her bathtub with hot chocolate at her place.

The SKIMS mogul took to her Instagram stories on Thursday, December 21, to share her latest elf-escape.

The video started off with scene in which the bathtub was filled with liquid chocolate, surrounded by a mess 'made by the elves.'

She said from behind the camera, "I walked into my bathroom and what do I see here? The elves left a mess and made Charlie and the Chocolate Factory over here."

In the video featuring the christmas decor inside her Hidden Hills mansion, the Kardashian star also narrated the note which was apparently left by the elves.

"The note in the kitchen said they couldn’t find the mugs, so the hot chocolate is in the bathtub".

The top of the bathtub was set up with a mess of marshmallows of different sizes.

Moreover, green and red colored decorations were scattered all over the place and the word "ELF" was spelled out with chocolates.

The socialite even turned on the faucet to show that the whole hot chocolate is real.

"This is crazy. This is literally Willy Wonka. Look at this. The whole tub is chocolate," she exclaimed, "They are wild".

This is not the first time she has displayed such highly decorative settings, on the contrary the Kardashian-Jenner clan often channeled Elf on the Shelf scene for their kids.