December 15, 2023


Gospel singer Pedro Henrique passess away at 30 after stage collapse

Pedro Henrique burial will be held in Porto Seguro, Bahia, where the artist was born

By Javeria Shahid December 15, 2023
Pedro Henriques death was confirmed by his record label on Thursday
Pedro Henrique's death was confirmed by his record label on Thursday

Gospel singer Pedro Henrique died young at the age of 30 after collapsing on stage on Wednesday, December 13, during a performance.

According to E! News, Henrique had been performing at a private event in Fiera de Santana, the outlet quoted CNN Brazil, that the doctors believed he collapsed due to a heart attack. However, his cause of death has not been disclosed officially.

On Thursday morning, December 14, the Brazilian singer’s record label, Todah Music confirmed the news of his passing via an Instagram post.

They penned a heartfelt lengthy caption that began, “There are very difficult situations in life for which we have no explanation. We just need to understand that God's will prevails!”

Before expressing that Henrique was “the kind of people that are great to have around!” the label shared, “Pedro was a happy young man, a friend to everyone. Only child. A present husband and a super dedicated father. There is no pastor or Christian in Brazil who says anything other than this”.

The singer is survived by his wife, Suillan Barreto, and a baby daughter named Zoe, who will be turning two-months-old on December 19.

The tribute continued, “The songs in your voice will not die and your legacy will remain through your wife, your little daughter Zoe and so many lives that were and will be reached by Christ through the records of your voice!”

The record label also extended its condolences to the family. “To Suilan and all her family and friends, our deepest regret, our respect, full support in all areas we can help, and our sincere hug!” they said 

The Todah Music family, who is 'mourning' the death of the artist, concluded, “Heaven in chorus welcomes an illustrious son”.