Suzzane Somers's son 'speaks from heart' on her first birthday after death

Bruce credited her mother, Suzanne Somer, for shaping him into an indiivdual he is today

By Javeria Shahid October 17, 2023
Suzzane Somers with her son Bruce
Suzzane Somers with her son Bruce

Suzzane Somers got an emotional tribute on her birthday from son Bruce.

The actress lost her decades-long battle against breast cancer and died “peacefully” at her home on Sunday, October 15.

Suzzane Somers passed away at the age of 76, only a day before her 77th birthday.

The Step by Step actress’s son, Bruce, 57, penned a heartfelt birthday wish for his mother on her first birthday after her death.

On Monday, October 17, Bruce shared a picture of his mother giving him a peck on his cheek.

He captioned the post, “She soared higher than most can dream. She protected those who didn’t have a voice…”

He called out his mother as a “brave Warrior” and “fearless.”

“She was a friend, a wife, a sister, a daughter, an entertainer, an icon, and a legend. But to me, she was just Mom. I had the privilege as the only person who could call her that,” he proudly stated.

He mentioned that her passing is still “too soon” for them to process no matter how “prepared” they may be.

From his words, it was so clear how much he wants his mom to be there at the moment, “I feel you and know you are there. But I will miss your sweet hand and caring eyes that would look deep into my soul for verification that everything was okay. Thank you for being the best mother any son could ever dream of. I miss you already. Call me greedy, but 57 years wasn’t enough.”

He loved his mother “so dearly” and wished her, “Happy Birthday on what would have been your 77th birthday. Please gorge on all the birthday cake you want while you make all the other angels sing, dance, laugh and cry.”

“Today, Heaven is lucky, “ he concluded.