September 06, 2023


Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's daughter, 'D.J.,' shrouded in mystery amid divorce

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner keep second daughter's name secret with 'D.J.' initials

By George Johnson September 06, 2023
Joe Jonas officially files for divorce from Sophie Turner, reveals decond daughters initials D.J.
Joe Jonas officially files for divorce from Sophie Turner, reveals decond daughter's initials 'D.J.'

Joe Jonas has initiated the process of divorcing his wife, Sophie Turner, following four years of marriage. The official court documents unveiled their second daughter's identity, albeit with initials, as her name continues to be a closely guarded secret.

The divorce papers, filed in a Miami Dade County courtroom, also disclosed that the couple has two children. 

Their three-year-old daughter, Willa, is listed by her initials, W.J., while the second daughter is referred to as D.J.

Joe Jonas submitted the divorce paperwork shortly after news emerged of his hiring a divorce lawyer. 

The court documents cite the marriage as 'irretrievably broken,' outlining the former couple's intentions to share custody of their two children, including the one-year-old whose name remains undisclosed. 

The dissolution petition emphasizes the importance of 'shared parental responsibility' for the minor children.

Within the documents, Joe Jonas 'respectfully requests' that he and Sophie Turner 'establish a parenting plan' and a 'timesharing schedule.' 

Miami, Florida, is designated as the primary residence for both Willa and D.J., where the couple had resided. 

The documents confirm that a 'valid and enforceable prenuptial agreement' was executed on April 29, 2019, just days before their wedding ceremony in Las Vegas.

While the court documents refrain from disclosing the prenuptial agreement, they aim to 'protect the privacy rights of both parties.'