August 23, 2023


Serena Williams reveals newborn's name, discover the hebrew significance

Serena Williams delights fans with pregnancy news just ahead of Met Gala in May

By Ellen James August 23, 2023
Serena Williams introduces newborn daughter Adira River Ohanian to the world.
Serena Williams introduces newborn daughter Adira River Ohanian to the world.

Serena Williams has unveiled the name of her recently born daughter, Adira River Ohanian, in an endearing TikTok video that sent fans into a frenzy on Tuesday.

Serena, who had earlier this month delighted everyone by revealing the baby's gender, offered a precious first look at her new bundle of joy. 

The video featured Serena, husband Alexis Ohanian, and their five-year-old daughter Olympia, basking in the glow of their newest family member. 

She captioned the momentous occasion with the words, 'Welcome my beautiful angel.'

The name Adira, chosen with care, carries profound meaning. 

In Hebrew, it signifies 'strong,' 'noble,' 'majestic,' 'mighty,' and 'powerful,' mirroring the significance and hope that parents often bestow upon their offspring.

As the video unfolds, we witnessed Serena in a radiant pink dress, a nod to her newborn daughter, as she approached Alexis, sharing a loving kiss with him.

Olympia, also adorned in pink, joins her parents, welcoming kisses of her own. 

Alexis Ohanian, proud husband to Serena Williams, introduced the world to their adorable newborn daughter with a message. 

He tweeted, "Welcome, Adira River Ohanian. I'm grateful to report our house is teeming with love: a happy & healthy newborn girl and a happy & healthy mama. Feeling grateful. 

@serenawilliams, you've now given me another incomparable gift — you're the GMOAT (Greatest Mother of All Time). 

Thanks to all the amazing medical staff who took care of my wife & our daughter. I'll never forget the moment I introduced @olympiaohanian to her baby sister."