August 17, 2023


Kylie Jenner's third mansion nears completion at Hidden Hills Estate

Kylie Jenner's third home in Hidden Hills was owned by Miley Cyrus first

By Ellen James August 17, 2023
Sneak Peek inside Kylie Jenners third home construction: future Kardashian residence unveiled.
Sneak Peek inside Kylie Jenner's third home construction: future Kardashian residence unveiled.

Construction work on Kylie Jenner's third sprawling mansion has been steadily advancing since her acquisition of the vacant land for $15 million in 2020, according to exclusive photos obtained by Daily Mail

The future abode of the 26-year-old billionaire is situated in the prestigious Hidden Hills neighborhood, renowned for its celebrity residents. 

While the house-to-be still requires further work before becoming a fully realized home, the most recent photos reveal that the fundamental structure of the mansion is approaching completion. 

The construction process for this lavish home has been likened to the complexity of building a hotel, requiring a dedicated team of skilled workers to ensure its realization.

The images reveal a bustling construction scene, with an array of trucks parked along the dirt road and stacks of wooden boards thoughtfully arranged around the property. 

Wooden board stacks point to ongoing construction at Kylie Jenners 3rd home.
Wooden board stacks point to ongoing construction at Kylie Jenner's 3rd home.

The residence is being fitted with an abundance of windows, and skylights are also in the process of being installed. 

The front balcony, albeit accessible by ladder at this stage, offers a glimpse of the home's potential.

Development plans are approved following the off-market, all-cash sale two years ago, outline a vision for the property that includes a 12-car garage, a guesthouse, a barn, a guard shack for security personnel, a sports court, and a pool.

Interestingly, Kylie Jenner isn't the first A-list celebrity to own this property; Miley Cyrus acquired it in 2015, using it as a home for her horses. 

However, she eventually sold it three years later without constructing a residence on the land.