August 15, 2023


Taryn Manning's fans voice concern over actress' slew of viral Instagram posts

Taryn Manning detailed an affair with a married man and pledged her support for Donald Trump in the posts

By Betty Cruise August 15, 2023
Taryn Manning is a Trump supporter
Taryn Manning is a Trump supporter

Taryn Manning sparked concern among fans following a slew of controversial remarks she made recently.

Taking to Instagram, the Orange is the New Black actress pledged her support for Donald Trump and claimed she is never going to work again for Hollywood.

“I am sick of hiding my truth. I’ll never work again in shit Hollywood. They canceled me. My whole life has been dedicated to this craft for NOTHING. Humiliated. Most abusive life I’ve endured,” she wrote.

Alongside a montage of Trump’s images and videos, Manning continued: “I love you, Donny. In all your mistakes and the tool you are, you’re my hero. The most un racist human on this planet. The lies they speak about you hurt. Everything was good when you were the leader of the FREE WORLD.”

Moreover, on Sunday, August 13, the actress posted a video claiming she was involved in an affair with a married man, as she continued rambling about “Father God” and the Holy Bible for the rest of the video.

Since then, fans have been worried for Manning’s mental health, as they urged her close ones to check on the actress.

“someone needs to check on Taryn Manning. Posting videos on her IG talking about private stuff and also not making sense. You can tell she’s not mentally well,” wrote one user.

“Taryn Manning has absolutely lost it. Her latest Insta post is insane. Hope she gets help,” another affirmed.