July 30, 2023

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Damson Idris set to become next James Bond?

Damson Idris emerges as strong contender for 007

By Ellen James July 30, 2023
Damson Idris has become the latest name to be tipped as the next James Bond.
Damson Idris has become the latest name to be tipped as the next 'James Bond.'

Rising actor Damson Idris is generating considerable buzz as a potential contender to take on the iconic role of James Bond. 

Recent days have witnessed a flurry of bets being placed on the 31-year-old star, with punters speculating that he might be the one to succeed Daniel Craig as the suave super spy.

Idris's name has emerged unexpectedly in the discussions about the next Bond, surprising many as Idris Elba had long been a fan-favorite choice for the role. 

Currently, bookmakers William Hill have positioned Damson as the second-favorite candidate for the coveted role, trailing behind Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Interestingly, Idris Elba, 50, had previously acknowledged that he had discussed the possibility of playing Bond with Barbara Broccoli, the owner of the character's rights through her company Eon Productions. 

However, Idris now believes he may have outgrown the role, feeling "too old" to take on the part of Agent 007.

Idris Elba, best known for his roles in The Wire and Luther, recently stated that he feels he may have aged out of the possibility of playing James Bond.

Meanwhile, Damson, who has appeared in minor roles in shows like Black Mirror and Swarm, has unexpectedly become a top contender for the iconic super spy role, especially after gaining popularity for his performance as Franklin Saint in the FX drama series Snowfall.

Damson previously joked about the prospect of portraying Bond, suggesting, "Oh, let's get baby Idris if we can't get big Idris. But I think people are just really encouraged by strong black male leads. It's a compliment."