Bianca Censori affirms 'MARRIAGE' to Kanye West.

Bianca Censori clarifies uncertainties surrounding her relationship with Kanye West.

By Madison Raymond May 21, 2023
.Bianca Censori affirms Kanye West as 'Husband' amid legal speculations.

Bianca Censori, who is alleged to be Kanye West's wife, has firmly maintained that she is indeed married, dispelling doubts surrounding the legal status of their union.

The speculation arose after a man named Nue shared a TikTok video of himself flirting with Bianca inside a shop. 

In the video, Bianca exhibited warmth and cheerfulness, but kindly turned down the advances by stating, "I'm married." 

The TikTok quickly gained significant attention, amassing over half a million views and prompting discussions on Reddit. 

Commentators praised Bianca's amiable and charming demeanor, describing her as "sweet," "cute," and "friendly." 

Back in January, Kanye West, aged 45, purportedly participated in a wedding ceremony with Bianca, aged 28, who holds the position of head of architecture at his Yeezy brand.

 The ceremony was described as an intimate affair. 

However, at that time, it was reported that the necessary paperwork to legalize the marriage had not been completed.

Towards the latter part of 2022, Kanye West released a song titled Censori Overload, which centered around the theme of abstaining from sexual relations before marriage. 

Interestingly, news of Kanye's alleged marriage to Bianca Censori emerged just a short time after his divorce from Kim Kardashian was finalized. 

During the period in which Kanye West was purportedly involved in a union with Bianca, he had experienced a significant downfall in his career and witnessed a substantial decline in his billion-dollar fortune. 

This decline was attributed to a series of highly controversial and antisemitic outbursts, including making a pledge to take extreme action against Jewish individuals, referred to as "going 'death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE."