DAmelio sisters are all set to launch ‘Squeaky and Roy cartoon on social media

Celebpost Desk|June 22, 2021
D’Amelio sisters are all set to launch ‘Squeaky and Roy’ cartoon on social media

Popular social media sensations Charli and Dixie D’Amelio have been busy achieving the new heights of success and popularity with their content lately. While their careers are thriving, the two talented sisters are all set to introduce the Squeaky and Roy, cartoon characters.

The latest cartoon characters will be based on Dixie’s pink teddy bear and his penguin bestie. The plot of the cartoon show revolves around Squeaky, who Dixie had lost at the airport when she was 5, is back and moving into the D’Amelio home in L.A., bringing along his best friend, Roy, a purple penguin.

Squeaky and Roy were co-developed by the D’Amelio family and Invisible Universe, a tech and entertainment company that creates original cartoon intellectual property for social media.

The pair are described the show as, “the brothers the D’Amelio family never asked for but always wanted.” Reports further suggest that Charli and Dixie will not provide the voice acting for the characters.

The teen sisters are major TikTok stars as Charli has 118.1 million followers right now, making her the most-followed account on the app, while Dixie has 52.6 million — and they have large fanbases on other platforms.

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