October 10, 2023


Rich Paul gushes about beau Adele amid marriage rumors

Rich Paul recently released his memoir 'Lucky Me'

By Javeria Shahid October 10, 2023
Adele has been great says Rich Paul after she refers him husband
Adele 'has been great' says Rich Paul after she refers him 'husband'

Rich Paul opened up about her relationship with Adele in a recent interview at CBS Mornings on Monday, October 9.

The sports agent appeared on the show for the promotion of his memoir, Lucky Me: A Memoir of Changing the Odds, released today.

The show host asked Rich, 41, what he has to share regarding Adele calling him husband to which he replied, “I don't really talk about my personal life publicly, but if I am gonna give anybody some tea it's gonna be you [host Gayle King].”

He continued, “Let me say this, she’s been great. I think she would agree that we have definitely helped each other. You know we’re in a good space happily. She’s a rich superb host.”

He further said, “We’ve been great for each other.”

Rich’s memoir features his transformative journey from being a kid living in a crime-ridden neighborhood of Cleveland to becoming one of the top sports agents.

LeBron James' long time manager also penned down the difficulties he faced with his mother’s drug addiction and how he coped with her absence for the most part of his life.

According to People Magazine, when he was asked about how Adele felt after reading his memoir, Lebron James' long time sports agent said, "My book for the most part has probably hit home for Adele."

He further explained that Adele's father had been absent from her life for years, just like his mother.

The Hello crooner's father reappeared only once in her life when she got fame in her 20s. Rich said, "So yeah it was a difficult read for her."