May 24, 2023


Harry Styles invites grandmother backstage who presented him AOTY Grammy

Harry Styles was givem Aoty Grammy for singer-songwriter of the year

By George Johnson May 24, 2023
Harry Styles invites grandmother backstage who gave him AOTY Grammy 

Harry Styles invited Reina Lafantaisie backstage after his Coventry, England concert on Monday, the superfan disclosed on Instagram on Tuesday. Reina Lafantaisie is the person who gave Harry Styles the album of the year prize at the 2023 Grammys and presented him with the As It Was    singer-songwriter's award.

The fan, who goes by the moniker "Grammy Granny," posted pictures of herself and companions lounging on a couch with the former member of One Direction backstage and discussed the encounter in the post's caption. She opened the note with a greeting to Styles' fans, "Good morning to all the beautiful and loving Harries I met last night at his concert!"

"You were all so beautiful and friendly and kind as I am sure all of you reading this are. So proud to be part of your world," continued Lafantaisie, who wore a t-shirt printed with the phrase, "I gave Harry Styles a Grammy."

"Now, imagine my shock and joy when I was invited backstage to meet our Harry and have him walk in towards me singing the song 'Reunited and It Feels So Good' by Peaches and Herb while giving me a hug," she wrote.

"He is the most caring humble and down-to-earth person and such a great sense of humour," she said of Styles, 29. "His smile and joie de vivre lit up the room ! I could go on and on forever but simply put he is so kind."

Lafantaisie added, "Let’s all continue to share kindness wherever we go and be proud to be his Fans. getting ready for our next concert this evening. My cup is spilling over."