Bryce Hall found a new boo Lindsay Capuano?

By Melanie Aiden November 25, 2022
Bryce Hall found a new boo Lindsay Capuano? 

Famed TikToker Bryce Hall sparks major dating rumors after posting some spicy photos with the social media diva Lindsay Capuano on SnapChat. 

On the work front he is quite a content creator but as his relationship status goes, though, things aren’t as clear. Previously, Hall was thought to be involved with fellow influencer Riley Hubatka as the two smooched for a thumbnail and consistently appeared in videos together.

Over the past few days, Hall has been flirtatious with Capuano, ramping up speculations  dating at the not-so-down-low. 

However, things amped up even more following locking lips in a pic that actually took the gram by storm. 

That being said, Hall hasn’t exactly spilled the beans on whether or not he and Capuano are a legitimate item, leaving fans confused… but this is far from the first time he’s done this.

He and his ex-girlfriend Addison Rae did not reveal they were together until months  after their on-again, off-again relationship took over social media — even to the point that Hall was grilled on an episode of the IMPAULSIVE podcast.