’Zayn Did 9/11’: Zayn Malik fans wage war on Spotify over Islamophobic song targeting singer

Zayn Malik has always been center of online abuse owing to his Islamic faith, skin colour and ethnicity.

And now, things may have gotten out of hand as a highly abusive, hateful and Islamophobic song targeting the former One Direction member has been uploaded on Spotify.

Recorded by parody artists Una Kompton in 2017, the track titled Zayn did 9/11 contained lyrics that were insensitive and offensive to the Muslim community.

The hashtag ‘#removeitforzayn’ soon emerged on social media as his devoted fans demanded the song be taken down from the application.

“His faith affiliation, skin color, or race does not equal terrorism. If you let a minority of any racial/religious group dictate your view of the majority of said group, then you need to re-evaluate your worldview.

#removeitforzayn,” wrote one user.

“#removeitforzayn this is disgusting and Zayn does not deserve this. Report the song “zayn did 9/11” and email spotify requesting removal,” added another.

While fans succeeded in removing the song from Spotify, it is still available on YouTube and Apple Music.