Ray Park’s under fire for posting a video of his wife performing oral s** on Twitter

Scottish actor, martial artist and author Ray Park has recently landed amid hot waters with his fans after a rather raunchy video was posted that featured his wife preforming private acts.

Many consider this breach of privacy on Instagram, an “abusive narrative” spun to flex control over his wife, while others assume the actor’s account might have been hacked.

Even after the video was swiftly deleted, many fans wrote about revenge porn and claimed, “Ray Park posted an Instagram video of him getting a blowjob from his wife. Turns out he thinks she cheated on him with his best friend and he uploaded it as revenge porn. His wife and kids then publicly spoke out against him as an abusive husband/father. It’s all very disgusting.”

However, not all fans jumped to conclusions and many defended him on social media by saying, “Chill on the Ray Park stuff. It’s easy to fake messages and images. He was probably hacked and there’s a defamation campaign around it. Still, though you would think he would have said something on Twitter by now or elsewhere.”

However, this is not the first time Ray has been accused of abusive behavior. In past instances, his family members have also spoken out about his nature and ousted his double faced persona. One user recently made a screenshot of one of Ray’s old Instagram updates about his ex-wife and pointed out how this is not something that can be swept under the rug as a ‘hacking’.