‘Panic! At the Disco’ reps urged to fire sexually abusive guard Zack Hall

Panic! At the Disco recently came under fire online after one of their guards was publically accused of sexual harassment towards multiple women.

The misogynistic behavior of Zack Hall has also taken to the internet and spread like wild fire since he is a good friend to the band’s lead vocalist Brendon Urie. In the past he has donned many hats when working for the band, from being their road manager to their bodyguard on past occasions.

However, many fans of the band have serious qualms with the guard’s behavior and have started a crusade to get him fired. One user believes, “Zack Hall needs to be fired now, he is a disgusting creep who needs to be fired off the Panic! Team. He has harassed several fans. This needs to stop.”

What shocked fans the most, as this uproar occurred was that Dallon Weekes’ wife Breezy Weekes also became a victim of his inappropriate behavior in the past but nothing was done to mitigate the situation.

In her tweet about the issue she replied to one fan’s experience by sharing one of her own. She claimed, “I’m so sorry this happened to you, I can relate. I had to put up with sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior from him for almost a decade. I had no choice but to tolerate it and keep my mouth shut so that Dallon could keep his job.”