Chris Rock reveals his honest thoughts on therapy: ‘Sometimes I wasnt kind.

Melanie Aiden|January 10, 2021

Chris Rock sheds light on his thoughts regarding therapy and its impact on his health and well being

Chris Rock reveals his honest thoughts on therapy: ‘Sometimes I wasn’t kind.’

Renowned TV personality and comedian Chris Rock recently opened up about his experiences with therapy during a candid discussion.

The actor opened up about it all during his interview with CBS Sunday Morning and there he was quoted saying, “I did, but I really jumped into it after Covid. And I’m still doing it, so I do about seven hours a week.”

During the course of his interview Rock also shed light on the taboo nature of mental health within the Black community and admitted that one of the hardest lessons he ever had to learn was telling the truth.

“You have to tell the truth,” he told the publication. “Sometimes I wasn’t kind. Sometimes I wasn’t listening, and sometimes I was selfish. Ultimately, who do you want to be?”

"On the outside, it looks like I’m like, this daring person. But boy, can I play it safe. And yeah, I need to like, jump in the pool a little bit. You know what I mean?”

The one thing that propelled him to dive head on into therapy work was learning how to swim in 2020. The actor admitted that the only reason he never learned swimming as a child was because “I grew up in the hood, and you know, you can’t swim in a fire hydrant.”

After he figuratively and literally conquered his fear “There was something in my head that said, ‘If I can learn to swim, I can do anything. If I can conquer this, in my 50s, I can do anything’.”

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