Mandy Moore mourns ‘very unexpected death of her dog Joni

George Johnson|December 02, 2020

Mandy Moore wrote “I will love and miss you forever, my Joni. Thank you for beyond a lifetime of love.”

Mandy Moore mourns ‘very unexpected’ death of her dog Joni

US actress and singer Mandy Moore has paid a touching tribute to her dog Joni, saying “my heart is utterly shattered” following very unexpected death of her pet.

Sharing sweet adorable photos of her dog on Instagram, A Walk to Remember actress wrote “Last night, very unexpectedly, we lost our Joni girl. Yes, she was almost 13. Yes, she had pretty major surgery a week ago to remove a mass on her liver but she was recovering really well. Until last night. I knew something was amiss when she, lifelong food-obsessed, didn’t finish her dinner and couldn’t get comfortable in bed (despite being on pain meds). My mama intuition told me to bring her in and I’m glad we did.”

Moore said, “I saw her puppy mug online way back in early 2008 and drove down to San Diego to meet her at thebarkinglotrescue and was instantly smitten. I’ll never forget the drive home, telling her that it was just us against the world now.”

“My heart is utterly shattered. She was my first love and best friend. Through every twist and turn of life of this past decade and change, she was right there,” the actress said and added, “There’s a deep chasm of emptiness that will never be filled but I am so grateful for her sweet nature and the endless connection, compassion, responsibility, patience and devotion that the love of a pet can bring into your orbit.”

“When mulling over the details of her surgery last week, my husband sorta joked that everything would have to be run by me because I’d had Joni for 13 years and only had him for 5. He’s right. She was the boss and a total mama’s girl. I’m so sad she won’t get the chance to meet her human brother soon but maybe she wasn’t ready to share. Or be a suction cup right by my side every night.”

“I will love and miss you forever, my Joni. Thank you for beyond a lifetime of love.”

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