Biden-Harris ticket makes another history by surpassing 80million votes

Samantha David|November 25, 2020

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris received more than 80million votes breaking record of all presidential tickets in US

Biden-Harris ticket makes another history by surpassing 80m votes

President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris have received more than 80 million votes, breaking records of previous presidential ticket in US.

As per a report by The Cook Political, President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence got 73 million votes in the last polls.

However, both Trump and Biden beat Barack Obama’s record in 2008 as he received 70 million votes.

Biden-Harris ticket keeps making history. First Harris was being celebrated for being the first person of color and a woman to be elected as vice president and then the duo were being commended for turning historical red states to blue.

Regardless of Biden-Harris projected win, President Trump has refused to admit defeat in the president election. He has called the election fraudulent and demanded for a recount.

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