Hawaii: Kalawao County is now COVID-free

Samantha David|November 22, 2020
Hawaii: Kalawao County is now COVID-free

There are 3143 counties in the US, out of which only 231 were reported to be COVID-free during May. By October, 6 more counties were declared COVID-free. Now, Kalawao is Last County in US without any COVID-19 case.

Wasserman on Thursday said "Thank you for the good news!"

Wasserman still ordered more coronavirus tests to be done after learning that individuals interacted outside their community. Wasserman also urged people to follow the standard precautions.

"We felt that that approach was much more reliable than lab testing everyone who came in” Wasserman told.

Wasserman than went on to praise the community and acknowledge their sacrifices. He said “Their sacrifice is part of the continuing legacy of Kalaupapa. We accomplished what we set out to do and we need to do it until the pandemic is over”.

"It's a great day,” he added.

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