Dixie D'Amelio under fire for dancing to the N-word on Trisha Paytas' song

By Madison Raymond November 22, 2020
Dixie D'Amelio slammed for her tone-deaf video shwocasing her dancing to Trisha Paytas' song

Dixie D'Amelio, one of America's top Tiktokers, is receiving flak for dancing to the N-word in an old song sung by Trisha Paytas. 

The 16-year-old's insensitive move has been slammed by people, after they hit the unfollow button on her. 

In the controversial clip, Dixie can be seen dancing to the racial slur while captioning it, "I couldn't find the sound for this dance so I chose a random one. Hope that's okay!! Anyways let's get back to the RENEGADE!!"

Hell broke loose after the video came afloat with many bashing Dixie for her tone-deaf action. 

After the backlash, Dixie deleted the clip and apologised, "i posted a tiktok with the intention of making a point that didn't need to be made," she wrote shared on Twitter on Friday night.

"i took it down and i sincerely apologize for posting it in the first place and am so thankful for everyone. i'm wishing you all a great weekend and thank you again for the love and support," she added. 

In the comments, she added, "nah it was dumb and tone deaf of me."

Responding to the matter, Paytas slammed Dixie saying, "@dixiedamelio I said this 10 years ago and have since apologized numerous times. u danced and smiled to it YESTERDAY! where's ur apology ?? Not cool in 2020 girl."