‘Pass the book challenge’: Barack Obama joins TikTok to promote his memoir

By Celebpost Desk November 21, 2020
‘Pass the book challenge,’ Barack Obama joins TikTok to promote his latest release memoir 

Former US President Barack Obama joined the teenage favorite platform TikTok on Friday, not that he will be performing a viral dance or prank videos but he has urged his followers on the platform to read a book.

He made his debut on the platform with Pass The Book challenge.

Obama was seen in a video clip, posted from publishing imprint Penguin Teen on the platform to promote his latest released memoir, A Promised Land.

Obama, 59, in the clip, said, "this book expresses the incredible hope I have in you. Take this and pass it on," he then passes his book to another person as the clip continues.

The TikTok video comes after Obama released his memoir, in which he wrote about his years in the White House and the challenges he faced as the president. The book was released on November 17, and made a record-breaking sell on its first day. A Promised Land became the best-selling president memoir of modern history.