Kristen Stewart shares why her upcoming 'gay Christmas movie' is important to her

By Ellen James November 21, 2020
'I didn't grow up with a movie that had such expansive ambition,' says Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart reveals why her upcoming gay rom-com is important to her.

Happiest Season, which is set to release this Christmas, is a depiction of a gay couple caught in family drama.

The movie revolves around the life of Abby, played by Kristen, who visits her girlfriend Harper’s family to attend an annual holiday party only to realize her girlfriend has not yet come out to her parents.

"It's a gay Christmas movie and I know that's an annoying thing to label it right off the bat, but, for me, that is extremely attractive, and sounds like... a huge exhale," says the actor.

The movie is really important to Kristen because this topic was never discussed back when she was a child.

"I didn't grow up with a movie that had such expansive ambition, that had two female leads at the centre of a love story, and not in this format."

"Not to say there hasn't been great queer content made over the years that has been really beautiful, and really important touchstones. But at the same time, it's not something that I grew up with, and I would have loved to."

Kristen added that it was important to her that their on-screen relationship be 'cool and comfortable', with the star adding that their chemistry was 'never forced'.