Prince Philip forced Prince Charles into marriage with Princess Diana, claims royal auhor

By Madison Raymond October 30, 2020
Prince Charles gave in to the pressure by Prince Philip and tied the knot to Princess Diana

Prince Philip pressurised his eldest son, Prince Charles, to get married to a 19-year-old Princess Diana.

The bombshell claim was made by royal biographer Ingrid Seward, who wrote in his new book Prince Philip Revealed: A Man of His Century, how Charles blames his dad for disastrous marriage to the late Princess.

"He [Charles] told some of his friends that he felt pressurized into marrying Diana because Philip said, ‘You’ve either got to marry her or let her go. You can’t string a … young girl [along]. She’s only 19. You can’t string her along,'" writes Seward.

He adds, “And all the press is saying, ‘Oh, this is going to be the next queen.’ You’ve got to take a stand and say that this is not going to work, or you marry her."

Seward then goes on to say how, feeling intimidated by Philip, Charles then gave in to the pressure and eventually tied the knot with Diana.

“Charles … he was frightened of his father and he probably thought, ‘Well, OK. I’ll marry her if that’s what you want me to do,'" Seward concludes.