Naturalist Chris Packham ‘french kissed’ a fox back in the day

By Melanie Aiden October 29, 2020
Naturalist Chris Packham ‘french kissed’ a fox back in the day

Autumnwatch presenter and Naturalist Chris Packham left fans in shock after he admitted to having once ‘french kissed’ a fox when he was a kid.

Nature loving fans got shocked after the host of BBC’s Autumnwatch set the internet ablaze with his candid admittance of having made out with an actual fox back when he was a kid.

Chris made this revelation after he and his daughter received a fan video about a fox who was sipping liquids from the caps of milk bottles.

The show took its most major turn from that point since the presenter was quoted saying, “I like the way it sticks its tongue in there. Foxes have got quite strong, little narrow, rectangular tongues, you know.” The nature presenter also revealed how he would ‘tease’ his pet fox as a child, simply “by putting food in my mouth.”

“The fox would come up, and every now and again it would put its tongue in my mouth and it would push it up underneath my lip.”

Just when fans thought it was over the presenter left fans heaving with a candid comparison of dog vs fox kisses. “When they sort of slip their tongue in occasionally when they’re kissing you.”

It was from that moment on that fans began trolling the star with hilarious tweets. One of which pointed out Chris’s uncanny nickname. “I’ve heard chris packham called a ‘silver fox’ but snogging a foc with aggressive tounge action is a tad far…” (sic)

Others also jumped the bandwagon at that moment and added how shocked they are seeing “Chris Packham just casually talking about french kissing a fox.”