Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom encourage fans to vote with adorable morning song

By Celebpost Desk October 29, 2020

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have a very nice message for the voters in America.

The couple took to Instagram on Wednesday to share a song they made up that encourages their followers to vote in person rather than mailing in their ballots.

They captioned the post, “Mom & dad here reminding you that YOUR VOTE COUNTS!"

"Rise and shine and get to the polls now," sang Perry, 36.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star, while having morning coffee added, "Vote in person, not with a mail-in ballot."

"Now's the time to vote in person, people of the United States," finished Perry. She then offered "a friendly reminder" to "head to the polls" and vote.

The Troy actor paused the sing-a-long and said, "This is for the future generations, by the way."

Bloom, 43, dedicated this song to his new born daughter. "This little ditty is going to be for Daisy Dove."

The engaged couple welcomed daughter Daisy Dove in August this year.

Bloom, a Briton, explained that he cannot vote, but asked fans to do so for his daughter, Daisy, whom he shares with Perry. "We just wanted to say good morning and reminding you that your vote matters. Head to the polls. We’ve already voted—I voted," he added.