Selena Gomez asks Google to 'shut down ads spreading misinformation'

By Celebpost Desk October 29, 2020
Selena Gomez asks Google to 'shut down ads spreading misinformation'

American singer Selena Gomez, 28, has written an open letter to Google and its CEO Sundar Pichai, asking to ‘immediately’ take down the advertisements spreading disinformation.

The Texas-born singer took to her Instagram to call out the tech giant milking off from ads spreading disinformation about the US Election.

While sharing the screenshot of her message in an Instagram story, she also tagged Google and Sundar Pichai’s accounts.

She wrote “Hi Sundar” while addressing the business executive and added, “Although we have never met, I just learned that Google is making millions of dollars putting ads on websites that spread disinformation about our election.”

The fan-favorite popstar went on to say, “I’m hoping you are also just finding this out too. Please shut this down immediately. The fate of our country depends on it.”

Though Gomez did not point out any ads by name, it’s believed she hinted at Google's approval of a misleading ad about mail-in voting that made headlines in August.

The Washington Post had reported that Google approved an advertisement from an organization ‘Protect my Vote’ having ties with conservative non-profit bodies. The tech firm had refused to remove ads that had misleading information about using mail-in voting.