US Election 2020: Hillary Clinton excited to vote early

By Celebpost Desk October 26, 2020
US Election 2020: Hillary Clinton excited to vote early Photo: Getty Images 

The 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has shared her excitement to vote early in the upcoming US election.

In a tweet on Saturday, the former candidate said, “It’s an understatement to say I'm excited to vote this year. In many states, you can vote before November 3.”

The former Secretary of State is supporting her Democrat ally in the upcoming election. For someone who lost the election to the same opponent, Clinton was surprisingly sure of Biden’s victory.

“We are advantaged — unfortunately — by four years of a record from Trump,” Clinton said mocking the performance of present Republican government in a podcast in New York Times.

Due to Covid-19, early voting is underway in all 50 states so that voters could avoid crowded places on election day. Many people have already cast their votes in this year’s election, including Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.