Melania Trump's photo en route Trump's Nashville debate sparks conspiracy

By Celebpost Desk October 26, 2020

Melania Trump was tagging along with Donald Trump as they were on their way to his final debate in Nashville this week. However, what’s surprising is that many netizens believe it was not her.

Here is a picture that was taken on Thursday. Melania is seen smiling at the crowd that was bidding them farewell while they got on board.

Soon after this picture went viral, eagle-eyed netizens started pointing out how the lady with Trump is not the real Melania, hold your breath as we take a deep dive into this crucial matter.

People took extreme measures as they compared lines around her mouth to zooming in the pictures and some even played dentist by pointing out differences in the teeth. Some concerned users also tweeted about the matter saying, “I don’t typically get into this kind of this, but it’s the teeth for me”.

However, the ‘fake Melania’ or the 'body double' theory has not surfaced for the first time. There was a conspiracy about the first lady in 2019 as well when they visited tornado stricken Alamaba for damage survey.